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Shield charger is an isometric twin stick platformer based around a single mechanic: Shield-Charge to victory!

You control Aegis and her shield, Tungsten.
This is a platforming game without jump, you need to charge into wall.
Your Goal is to collect all the hidden star to finish the first level, there's also a gym level.

Using a controller is advised.
Move - Left stick / WASD
Look around - Right Stick / Mouse
Charge - Right Bumper / Mouse 1 Click
Block - Left Bumper / Mouse 2 Click
Slams - Right Trigger / Left Shift
Focus - Left Trigger / Spacebar

For more infomation check out: 

Update (4/15/2019): updated the physics of the game, the feel and the color scheme of the level. The game should feel better now. 


Shield_Charger.zip 363 MB

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